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‘Googie architecture’ is the name given to a spaceage futuristic style used in several small commercial buildings in Los Angeles beginning in the 50's. The postwar buildings, eccentric in effect, were noted for exaggerated curving cantilevered roofs and parabolic spires. Coffee shops and car washes were typical users of this design. The style was received by a fickle public; many of these buildings have been demolished or renovated beyond recognition.

Inglewood’s Jet Car Wash on 941 W. Manchester Blvd is a highly visible remnant of this trend. The Century Car Wash on 4700 W. Century Blvd. still retains some of its original Googie signage. The Imperial on 3245 W. Imperial Highway at Lemoli has removed all Googie traces. For a time, Inglewood embraced the Googie aesthetic.